Best Gaming Youtube Tags - Great Tags

Gaming tags are your username which you use to play games. But what are the best ones to have?

This article will discuss some great gaming tags you can use to find the best game/channel tags and the best subreddits that will lead to great gaming subreddits.

Upvotes are the ultimate factor which decides a user's success in your subreddit.

Following these settings will give you great upvote karma and a huge chunk of your front page.

Head over to Reddit, and register an account with a free subreddit. Before going any further, create a brand new account.

The more accounts you have, the easier it'll be to control the majority of the content on the front page.

Now scroll down to the bottom of the page. You'll see a down arrow. Click it, and you'll be taken to the Content Tab.

The first option you will find under Content is IGN

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If you click the IGN link, it will bring up a list of other IGN-run subreddits. In particular, this should be the subreddit you want to choose if you are looking for gaming news.

On the right hand side of the page, you'll see your profile image. Click on that, and you will be taken to your 'front page'.

At the top, you'll see a prompt to pick a username. You can use whatever you want. I've picked "tinard" as mine.

The text under your username will be filled in with the name you've chosen.

If you click on the Sign up button at the top of the page, a window will appear. A registration form will appear, where you'll have to enter all of your contact details.

After that, you'll have to add a comment to your profile. You'll then be able to log in to your account.

Now you will have all of the information you need to interact with the reddit community.

By using the provided settings, you will be able to choose which subreddit you want to see your posts. This will mean that you will see a lot of your own posts, and avoid having to repost information from other users.

Make sure to add the news or discussion tag, and the user tag as well. This will make sure that other users see the posts.

Let's check the upvote karma of your account. If you are not familiar with the way upvote karma works, you can see an explanation here.

This means that your account will get better content, and more followers

Male checking YouTube phone analytics.

The Reddit discussion board ( is one of the best ways to find other users with similar interests. Reddit is like a huge forum, where users can share ideas, discuss issues, post pictures, and much more.

You can easily see all of your comments by using the 'View this thread' button.

By clicking on it, you can see all of the responses to your posts. By using the 'Show more comments' button, you can see which user replied to your post.

When the user's name is entered, you can see what the user posted.

To create a new subreddit, click on the New Subreddit button at the top of the page.

If the subreddit is not provided, there will be an option to create one. Pick your new subreddit from the list of subreddits. I've selected "IcarusForum" for my subreddit.

Now, let's make the first post on our new subreddit

Red white and black labeled box

Click on the 'Create post' button to start the process.

For the first post, we will be posting a link to our forum thread. This link will go to the front page of our subreddit. Make sure you use the upvote karma as well.

Click the back arrow, and it will take you to the comments tab.

Next, click on the Submit post button. This will add your post to the subreddit.

Now that your first post is live, you will be able to go to the subreddit's front page. Click on the link you have just added.

Scroll through the posts, and you will see all of the comments. In this case, my link has already been voted up by the community, so it will be at the top.

Now, you will see a button that says 'Go'. Click on it, and your post will appear at the top of the page.

Now you have made your first post on Reddit, and your first post is visible to the whole community.

Congratulations, you have started your own subreddit!

Other Popular Subreddits

Reddit is full of amazing communities, and you can easily find new ones by searching.

To get started, try searching for the subreddit you want to post in.

The easiest way to search is by using the "search Reddit for..." command. For example, if you want to post in the r/freekevin community, you can search Reddit for "freekevin".

To post a link to the post, click on the "add link to post" button.

When your post is completed, a new page will appear.

Now you will be able to submit comments. To submit a comment, click on the "Submit comment" button.

To add an image to the post, click on the "add image to post" button.

A new page will appear. Click on the 'item' button on the left.

After you upload an image, click on the 'add to post' button.

When you add an image, Reddit will ask you to pick a theme. For the example below, I have chosen a cute animal theme.

Now your post is complete. When you click on the blue up arrow, it will take you back to the front page of the forum.