How Computer Science Has Impacted Video Games

Over the past few years, we have seen an explosion in the popularity of video games. With technology moving at such a lightning speed these days, it is easy to get distracted by all of the new features that game developers include.

However, there are some fundamental concepts behind how most modern-day video games work that were not around back when classic gaming systems like the Nintendo Wii were first released. These fundamentals can be found in the field known as computer science.

Computer science is the study of logic, algorithms, software design, and hardware engineering. All five of those areas are related to the creation of video games!

In this article, you will learn about several ways that computer science has influenced the way people play video games. Some examples will be talking about artificial intelligence (AI), level design, narrative, and gameplay mechanics.

More advanced technology

how computer science has impacted video games

As video games have grown in popularity, so has computer science involved with designing them. Technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), graphics engines, game mechanics, and music production are all parts of the field that influence how people play video games.

Computer scientists work to make sure players feel comfortable while they play or create new ways to play old favourites. They also develop new gameplay concepts that can be integrated into existing titles.

For example, one recent innovation is using bots instead of real users for online multiplayer modes. This allows for more consistent experiences due to less variability in player behaviour.

There are even some who argue that video game developers should focus more on creating stories rather than just having large amounts of action. A few companies already do this, like The Last Of Us and Uncharted.

While there’s an argument to be made about whether or not gaming encourages social interaction, many agree that it at least stimulates it. Many games feature groups of individuals working together towards a common goal, which is appealing to some.

New genres of video games

how computer science has impacted video games

Recent trends in gaming have shifted our focus away from simply creating more varied versions of already existing concepts, like shooters or action adventures. With the rise of so-called “indie” game development, we are seeing new ways to approach the medium.

Indie developers typically do not receive as much attention as their bigger competitor counterparts, but they play an important part in shaping what types of games people enjoy.

Some indie games push the envelope by incorporating themes that were once considered too controversial for mainstream audiences, such as social justice issues or references to real-world events. Others take inspiration from established franchises, reworking them into something unique.

New challenges for developers

how computer science has impacted video games

A lot of people think that video games are just about shooting things, but this is not quite true. The next generation of shooter games will be focused more on storytelling and interactive gameplay mechanisms. Technology like AI and voice acting allows game characters to talk, making it possible to have fully fleshed-out stories with rich dialogue.

Games such as Uncharted use advanced AI systems to make each character unique and believable. An example of this is when Daniel Rossen’s character calls you on your shit in an important conversation- he makes a very clear statement which seems completely justified. This was done using computer software programs called pattern recognition algorithms that evaluate speech patterns and determine what statements make sense in certain situations.

Voice acting has also become much better than it was years ago due to technology such as automatic text-to-speech (TTS) engines. These can now produce natural-sounding conversations that don’t feel stilted or forced. Technically these days there is no need to hire a professional actor to do voice work!

Video games have always involved some sort of storytelling element, but what changes coming up is how interactive the narrative becomes. Players are not only listening to someone speak, but they are also doing something else while they listen- actively engaging with the content being presented.

New opportunities for developers

how computer science has impacted video games

Since video games first started, there has always been an audience that wanted to make their own. Starting with simple tools such as Microsoft Powerpoint or Photoshop, people have made their way through various levels of software engineering by creating their games.

Since the early days when making games meant learning how to program in BASIC, now it is possible to develop your creative side while also developing your programming skills.

If you are already well-versed in coding, then adding game development to your repertoire can bring in some serious money. There are many ways to earn from gaming, both directly (through Patreon or Twitch) and indirectly (marketing online games or running a website/channel full of games).

Many large companies outsource game development so that they do not need to hire individuals who know how to code.

New ways to make money

how computer science has impacted video games

Technology has played an integral part in how video games are made and marketed. As mentioned before, game development is a very expensive process that can get increasingly more costly as time goes on. Companies have designed various systems and strategies to keep up with the ever-expanding demand for new games!

Many of these business practices focus on maximizing profit through marketing and sales. Marketing includes things like designing attractive logos and graphics, creating catchy advertisements, and finding different mediums to promote your product (social media being the most popular). Sales include going into stores and buying lots of copies of the game so people will want to buy it.

Computer science plays a major role in this whole process. Software engineers develop digital apps that help facilitate the design, production, and marketing of video games.

Video games would not be what they are today if they were not for computer programming. The technology used to create games comes from several areas of study including mathematics, physics, engineering, and psychology.

New ways to get feedback

how computer science has impacted video games

As gaming technology has advanced, so have the methods for getting feedback. With the rise of online games and consoles that allow players to easily connect, there are now many more opportunities to receive criticism or praise from others.

As such, as game developers, you will find that most software tools include some type of feature for receiving comments. Some even let users create posts or discussions!

These features vary in how easy they are to use and what kind of comments they accept, but all offer you a chance to improve and be exposed to new ideas. While not everyone who offers an opinion does so out of pure kindness, it is always helpful to know what changes work for you and what don’t.

Software like Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word both have a comment tool where anyone can leave a note. This way, you don’t just get compliments, but also constructive criticisms that help you hone your skills.

New ideas for content

how computer science has impacted video games

A lot of video games today are just copying and pasting things that have worked in other media, or incorporating concepts that were already well-established like shooter layouts. Developers do not create new genres unless they truly want to stick around for a while!

Video game developers often take inspiration from movies, television shows, books, and even toys to come up with new gameplay styles and environments. Technology has allowed for ever more elaborate settings, storylines, and characters which help fuel the creative process.

Computer science can also play an important part in how a game is designed. Algorithms and software engineering deal with solving complex problems through careful consideration and repetition. Software engineers use these principles when designing computer programs.

Software engineers typically start with a topic or idea that they would like to implement into their code and then work backwards to figure out what tools need to be used first and how to organize the program’s components.

Popular themes in video games

how computer science has impacted video games

Many popular game series feature storylines that focus on stories with characters people can relate to or even learn something from. These are often referred to as narrative-focused games because they require players to connect new experiences to existing ones by creating narratives of their own.

The most well-known example of this is The Legend of Zelda. While some parts may be vague and mysterious, you will always know what Link must do next!

Other story-based games include Fallout where you explore desolate lands trying to survive and find resources to keep yourself alive, Life where you create your own life through decisions made during gameplay and Assassin’s Creed where you take control of historical figures and go about performing assassinations.

These types of games appeal to gamers for several reasons. First, they enjoy reading how the plot develops and changes. Second, many feel connected to the characters because they understand things related to their lives or at least perceive them as similar to themselves. And lastly, these games give you feeling accomplished by exploring and finding solutions to puzzles, which reminds users of learning something new.