How Many Computers Games Are There

The number of video games is constantly growing. With technology moving at such a lightning speed, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the different formats and genres that there are. Luckily, we have some tools here at Social Body that can help you figure out how many games there are!

We’ve gathered together an extensive list from several sources to create our tally. From estimating total game sales to calculating how many active gamers exist in a given area, these lists are full of interesting information.

Second person shooters

how many computers games are there

A second-person shooter (also known as an interactive movie game) is any video game where you can choose to play either as a protagonist or antagonist, typically with one player controlling the other.

The other player’s character will then respond in kind, making for an interactive narrative between both characters.

Second-person shooters are usually categorized into two different styles- verticality games and horizontalized games. Vertical first-person shooters make use of three dimensions, such as third-person shooting or even being able to look up at the sky, while horizontal first-person shooters keep the focus on the screen, like The Room style games.

Third person shooters

how many computers games are there

Third-person shooter (TPS) games are quite popular these days. They typically feature you as an individual character in control of a specific area or level, instead of being able to roam around as a player character.

Third-person shooters usually have players work together towards a common goal, with different characters having their special abilities that can be used during gameplay. These special powers are referred to as perks because they give your character additional tricks or tools for the game.

There are many third-person shooting games out there, with some offering more depth than others.

Action games

how many computers games are there

An action game is characterized by fast-paced gameplay that rewards quick thinking or reflexes over careful strategy. Popular genres of action games include first-person shooters (think Call Of Duty), platforming games (Super Mario Bros.), role-playing games (The Legend Of Zelda) and shooting galleries (Tetris).

Action games are typically very story-oriented, with large portions focused on dialogue and narrative events. These shifts focus away from pure combat, which some people find boring.

Computers have become an integral part of our daily lives, making it easy to access powerful gaming equipment at home. With so many different types of games available, there’s something for everyone!

There are several ways to determine how many action games exist. You can either count all the individual parts of an action game (e.g., what genre an action movie belongs to like shooter, heroic adventure, etc.) or you can count all the instances where those parts come together in a game (for instance, what number of action scenes there were in The Hunger Games).

Puzzle games

how many computers games are there

Another type of game that has become very popular is puzzle games. These are typically games where you have to figure out how to move around or manipulate different parts of the game to complete it.

Some examples of this include making sure all pieces are gathered together, figuring out which buttons to press, or creating shapes with the objects used in the game.

Many people enjoy playing these types of games because they are creative and use their minds to work towards solving them.

There are many varieties of puzzles including matching-type games, finding pattern games, and even thinking yourself through possible answers. All of these require more reasoning than just picking an object and clicking a button.

Sports games

While many complain that video game companies have too much influence over the industry, they also seem to be missing out on some great opportunities by not offering more than casual games. Casual games are typically targeted at having an entertaining experience for the player rather than offering in-depth gameplay or high-performance graphics.

There are several reasons why large media conglomerates shy away from making games with deeper content. First, their marketing departments usually feel that gamers will only invest in products that offer intense gaming experiences and features, which may turn off casual players who do not want such things.

Second, since most of these corporations already have internal teams dedicated to producing software, adding another team that is tasked with creating games with depth can be expensive. They may not wish to spend money on something that may fail.

Third, larger companies often use third-party developers to create games for them, and those individuals may not be willing to work for less than a significant pay increase.

Card games

how many computers games are there

Another way to enjoy gaming is to play card games! There are many different types of card games that you can pick up and start playing right away. Some examples include Trading cards, collectable game board sets, and tabletop games like Magic: The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh!

Trading card games (or “TCG” for short) come in several forms. One form is called the mass market which is typically limited to twenty or so cards. A second format is referred to as extended, where each pack contains around fifty cards!

These cards are then organized into groups such as Power, Strategy, Characteristic, etcetera. Players take turns drawing a new set of cards and using them in an existing deck.

The number of cards in a given collection determines how competitive the player is. If there are only ten magic cards, for example, then it is much less difficult to learn the tricks of the trade than if there were one thousand.

Board games

how many computers games are there

Another way to enjoy computer gaming is to play board games! This can be done either through smartphone apps or with a good old-fashioned board and pieces. Some of your most well-known video game series, like The Legend Of Zelda and Mario, are made up of board games!

Board games have been around for centuries, but they are making a comeback in popularity. They are easy to start and there are many varieties of styles you can choose from.

There are even some board game versions of popular video games such as Super Smash Bros and Monopoly! It is not too difficult to find a board game to begin playing unless, of course, you are already very experienced.

Many people begin learning how to play board games by buying a few packs which contain enough materials to get started. These typically include a board, plastic coins, wooden tokens, and paper cards. People also make their decks of cards to add more depth to the experience.

Online games

how many computers games are there

Recent developments in gaming have shifted our focus away from individual, console-based games to online games. This is fine! Gone are the days when people would spend hours upon hours playing something like Super Mario Brothers or The Legend of Zelda for extended periods because they wanted to experience everything that game had to offer.

These types of games no longer hold up as educational tools because you can just download them anywhere at any time. People now expect every new title to be connected to the internet so it can be accessed anytime, anywhere via your device (phone, computer, tablet) and various apps.

This has made multiplayer modes more popular than ever before. Rather than play against other individuals who own the same game, most games these days will allow you to create an account and invite friends to join you in the game.