How Mobile Games Affect Students - The Side Effects

We know how much students love playing games on their phones and tablets. We also know that some of these games have addictive qualities.

They get kids to pay attention to them more because they are a form of entertainment.

Even though mobile games seem like fun, they can have negative effects on students. A few of the ways that mobile games can affect students are as follows.

Mobile games may attract students to frequent places that may not be good for them

By sitting in their bedrooms playing games on their phones, students may be missing out on other opportunities that are better suited for their development.

Relevance of games to the real world

kid sitting on gray bed while playing

Many games have students playing as animals, zombies, princesses, or ninjas. That is cute, but being a ninja would not be beneficial to students.

Teachers and parents need to make sure that mobile games only relate to what students are learning at the moment.

If a game is appropriate for math but not for social studies, it is a warning sign to not use it in the classroom.

Social Media influences kids

Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram have become as much a part of a student’s life as their lunch period. They use these sites for pictures, status updates, and to communicate with friends.

Many students don’t realize that these sites are, in fact, an online virtual world where users can create personas and pretend to be someone else for the whole world to see.

It is not that these sites are the cause of poor social behavior. However, they are a part of why students act a certain way.

Students who spend a lot of time on social media may not be as prepared for class and feel left out in class.

Different types of games are easy to teach in the classroom

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Each time a new game is released, it becomes easier and easier for teachers to teach about it.

Games such as Minecraft, Candy Crush, and Bejeweled require very little preparation.

They may even be the perfect addition to a math lesson, with students building their own skyscrapers and structures.

Parents need to set a good example

Parents, too, need to set a good example and keep their mobile devices away from their kids.

You may think that a few minutes of game time are not going to hurt your child. Think again.

Games such as Candy Crush are very addicting.

One of the potential dangers that kids may be exposed to from a parent or an older sibling is losing their cellphone, or it getting stolen.

Teaching students about technology is important, but these dangers are too great to ignore.

The latest mobile games are designed for two purposes: entertainment and socializing.

Parents need to make sure that their children’s lives are not consumed by mobile games.

Tips to avoid negative effects of mobile games on students

Tip Jar

Parents who have mobile devices and have a child who is playing mobile games may be surprised to learn that the more they play the more distracted they become.

By reading the tips below, parents and teachers can make sure that students do not become negatively influenced by these mobile games.

Talk to your child before handing their device over to them

Get to the root of why your child likes playing these games. Is it because it gives them a false sense of importance? If so, this is something that can be addressed by talking to your child.

If your child really wants to play the games, find out why. If it is because their friends play the games and they feel left out, this is something that can be addressed by talking to your child.

Find out if the games really interest your child

Not every game is appropriate for all kids. Before handing your child a smartphone or a tablet, ask him what type of games he wants to play.

In some cases, teens are only interested in playing games because their friends play the games. Therefore, parents must understand that games are not for all kids.

Educate yourself about what your child is playing

Parents and teachers need to educate themselves on the latest mobile games before they start teaching classes about them.

Make a game plan for when you need to use your phone

Parents, teachers, and students need to make sure they have a game plan when it comes to using mobile devices. If you plan to answer a question while on the phone, it is best to take the call.

If your child is using the device, make sure that your student is not on it while you are trying to interact with him.

There are countless games that are not suitable for all students, but many of these games, such as Pokemon Go, can be very distracting to students.

Parents need to get into the habit of making sure that their children are only on their devices for a short amount of time at a time.

Share this article with your friends and family, and let them know how important it is to not distract their children from learning.

It is important to educate ourselves on how to best educate our children about the latest mobile games.