How Mobile Games Affect The Brain - The Effects

How Mobile Games Affect The Brain

This article will discuss how mobile games affect the brain, and how that might make gamers feel.

We've all heard the phrase 'Happy Cog' - the saying from Eat That Frog, the book and movie about dealing with procrastination, and specifically when you're doing something you want to get done.

It's about how you can avoid doing something that needs doing because you're convinced you'll never do it because you'll never get around to it.

The phrase in itself is a brilliant tip. You can't keep doing something that's never going to happen.

But it's also the mantra of a modern-day iPhone/Android/Nintendo addict, refusing to do anything when there are things to do on the device that need doing.

It's a vicious cycle that needs to be broken, because it causes stress, and stress causes health issues, and health issues can lead to heart attacks and premature death.

In the US, the research charity, the Arthritis Foundation, says that 4 million people suffer from arthritis, with more than 6.2 million people affected in the UK.

So when you look at the UK's health service, it's not hard to see how a major risk factor for a serious illness like arthritis can arise.

The same can be said for people suffering from anxiety and depression, which in the UK has been identified as an illness more often than not seen in those who play games.

In some ways, it makes sense. Those who suffer from physical pain in their joints are more likely to play video games and will have stronger mental and emotional engagement with the game.

But why would those playing games suffer depression and anxiety?

Are video games making people depressed and anxious?

Frustrated Young Man Screaming in Fear

It's a huge question, and one that only studies such as that carried out by the University of British Columbia can begin to try and answer. But the answer isn't as clear-cut as you might think.

The study found that the gamers who suffered the worst symptoms of mental illness were the people who played the most, and had the most anxiety when they did not.

But it is this very issue that makes games so incredibly fascinating - people want to do something they find fun, but in the same way they want a fix from a drug, they want the dopamine rush and feeling of satisfaction that comes from the gaming and gaming communities.

With the arrival of the internet, the internet allowed us all to share this addictive thrill of gaming with each other. And, in the same way that drugs can affect the entire country, so too can gaming.

And, it would appear, with the latest data suggesting that gaming is good for you - how could it not be?

Playing online games can make you feel more productive

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According to the study, playing online games can make you feel more productive, have a higher quality of life and reduce loneliness. So, you could argue that they are extremely good for mental health, despite the fact you're sitting in a room alone.

But, even more importantly, we have a disconnect between what we want and what we actually need. We don't need to be surrounded by people all the time in order to feel comfortable and happy.

Being alone is actually better than being around people, in the same way that too much food and alcohol is better than not eating or drinking enough.

Video games are great for us, and that's why they're so addictive - they offer that shot of dopamine when you win. They offer that rush that we get when we finish that level or beat that level.

But we shouldn't let video games take over our lives. We don't have to go out and have a session of Madden all afternoon, and when it comes to getting a game on for a bit, there's always our computer or console. And we can always play that video game on our train ride home.

Video games can be a great release from life's stresses, but we should also remember to take time out from them, and not let them become a huge part of our lives.

Difference between mobile games and traditional games is the lack of a traditional “game” end point

Playing Pubg Game On Smartphone

Instead of having a final objective in a traditional game, a mobile game gives you a set number of lives to complete your objectives before the game automatically shuts down.

This does allow you to easily work through the game and increase the amount of time you have to play, but the game ends when you run out of lives.

Mobile games also typically last around 10 minutes, but you can often play up to 60 to 120 minutes before your battery runs out.

The rise of smartphones and the emergence of high-speed wireless internet has made playing games much easier for people with limited amount of free time.

For instance, if you played a game on your desktop PC, you had to download the game and then find a WiFi connection.

Additionally, if you were playing the game on your smartphone, you were likely on a completely different network, making it difficult to play the game.

However, this is no longer the case. Many people now have unlimited high-speed internet access, so there are no more excuses.

You can now play mobile games on your phone or tablet even when you’re on a plane and away from home.

Some players of mobile games enjoy the fact that they can play more without having to wait for the battery to recharge.

For example, if you’re on a plane and get bored, you can play a mobile game for a bit, but then have to charge the battery again.