How Much Money Do Mobile Games Make - Find Out

You may be wondering how much do mobile games make for mobile developers, as well as mobile gamers.

In some cases mobile games are “not as lucrative” than the PC or console games, but it’s a matter of opinion. To get an idea of how much the average mobile game makes, you have to look at the range of games released in a given quarter.

Using data from App Annie, we can see the top grossing mobile games in each quarter.

To ensure we have accurate data, it’s important to note the data for each mobile game is different.

When you are analyzing the data for each mobile game, you have to be aware of two things.

One, games can have multiple iOS versions, such as Minecraft which has two versions for iPhone and iPad.

Two, some games have made their money back and moved on to a new game. For example, Epic Games made more than $100 million in revenue from Fortnite, but that game is only a year old.

The biggest, least cash grab mobile games

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To get an idea of how much money a game makes, we have to look at how much money was made. Here are the 10 most profitable mobile games in Q1.


Reigns isn’t your typical mobile game. It was described by my colleague at Digital Trends, Stian Iffland, as “as engaging as it is slow-paced.”

You control a portrait of a medieval king, and you have to care for your subjects. When you are done with the kingdom, you can decide to take on a massive quest for massive prizes.

For example, you can summon a creature to kill some undead or spend a few hours farming.

The game is simple, but really adds a level of challenge to keep players engaged. Reigns was released in March 2018 and had over 5 million installs on the App Store at the end of March.

The game has reached the top-grossing games list by the end of June.

PUBG Mobile

When you think about a battle royale game for mobile, you probably think of a popular game like PUBG.

However, PUBG Mobile is more of a spinoff of the PC and console version of the game. The game was released in March 2017 and has already reached over 100 million downloads.

PUBG Mobile was originally built on Google’s Android mobile operating system. The game became popular when it was released on iOS in March 2018.


Fortnite has everyone talking. It’s the game that everyone is trying to beat. It has also been reported that the game made $325 million in March.

When you consider that Fortnite has already reached 1 million iOS downloads, that number might seem a little high.

However, mobile gamers are a more active mobile gaming crowd, and they will download an app even if it’s not a popular game. If you are someone who likes competitive, cooperative, or survival games, Fortnite could be the perfect mobile game for you.

The biggest mobile spenders

Corona Wash & Vax, a game by KOBU Agency. Play it at

On the other end of the spectrum, you have the biggest mobile spenders. To get an idea of the “lesser” games, you have to look at the top ten grossing games in each quarter.

Pokémon GO

At the top of the list is Pokémon GO. The game was developed by Niantic, Inc. and was released in July 2016.

Pokémon GO is a real-world, augmented reality game that allows players to search for and capture virtual Pokémon.

Pokémon GO has been a very lucrative game for Niantic, Inc. The game reached 25 million players in January 2018. To put that in perspective, Pokemon Go made $2.3 billion in May 2017.

The only negative is that the game was only released on Android mobile operating systems and did not have any cross-platform play.

That won’t stop everyone from playing it. Just remember that most mobile games today have cross-platform play, including Pokémon GO.

Temple Run 2

The next game on the list is Temple Run 2. The original game has been an instant hit.

It’s already reached over 125 million installs. Temple Run 2 was released in July 2014.

Temple Run 2 is an interesting one because many players are still going back to the game. In fact, some people have played for as long as six years!

The game is fun and easy to play. Like all other games on the list, it has a single-player and a multiplayer mode.

The game’s only negative is that it is available only on iOS. If you are a hardcore fan, you will be able to get a copy of the game if you own a compatible device, but that is a massive barrier for many mobile gamers.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite game loading on a gaming setup.

As we already noted, Fortnite has players rushing to get a copy. The game is not a cheap purchase.

The game was released on both iOS and Android mobile operating systems in September 2017.

The game is really a spinoff of the original Fortnite, which is available only on PS4 and Xbox One. Fortnite Battle Royale is a game mode in Fortnite that features 100 players.

They are all dropped into a game map and have to fight to the death. There is no gunplay in this mode, only knives, axes, swords, etc.

Players also cannot use cars or other vehicles.

When you play Fortnite Battle Royale, you pick up weapons and supplies as you explore the map.

The only way to win is to be the last player standing. You can choose to play the Solo or Co-op game. The solo game allows you to play on your own, but you can’t play with others.

The co-op game is the same as a solo game, but you can play with others, which allows for players to see each other.

A key point is that Fortnite Battle Royale was the fastest growing game in April 2018. In fact, it was downloaded more times than any other game.

In May 2018, the game made $126 million in May.

Pokemon Go and Pokémon GO Plus

To round out the top ten grossing mobile games, we have Pokemon Go and Pokémon GO Plus. The iOS version of the game is extremely popular.

It has already reached over 200 million downloads and was downloaded three times more times in May 2018 than it was in May 2017.

With the release of the Pokemon GO Plus, however, the game has finally become available to people without smartphones. To play the game, you have to walk around with a device with a built-in GPS receiver.

The Pokémon GO Plus device is sold separately for $35. It works with an iPhone 5 and above or Android devices.

It will not work with an iPhone 4 or older, a Nexus phone, a Kindle Fire tablet, or any other devices with less than 10g of RAM.