How To Get Better At Fps Games PC

This article will discuss how to get better at fps games PC or real time shooter games like Elite, Counter-Strike and many more.

A FPS game is one that requires quick, steady and lightning reflexes and accuracy. These games are excellent in allowing players to make quick decisions that would determine their success and failure.

The best part about these games is that you need to use your brain too!

These games require players to look, think and react as the action unfolds in front of you and so while you are using your brain and being reactive, you are also still being in control.

Get better at FPS games PC

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One thing that I found extremely helpful in getting better at these games was that my play style in these games shifted from feeling “all powerful” and walking around like Rambo to being aware and feeling like a god!

This shift in attitude and objective gave me a huge edge. I was suddenly in control and could take responsibility for my actions and decisions!

Here’s what you can do to get better at FPS games

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This might sound very daunting but you don’t have to go and get a new console, controller or even get into a new league. In fact, you don’t even need to buy a new gaming PC.

The things you need are these

These basic things are all you need to get better at FPS games. They are equally effective in getting you to your FPS goals faster and easier.

Video Games – Vivec system

You can’t play a video game without having a screen in front of you. My system looks like this:

You need to get one that you can adjust so that you can see exactly what you want. In most cases it should be one that’s closest to your face. A small one might be all right if you want to play video games for a while.

So, what does a Vivec System look like? Well, it looks like this:

I recommend using the Steam controller for Vivec System. It gives you the best possible control and also the ability to use the mouse to change some settings on your computer (if you want).

At the heart of the Vivec System is a headset, a PC and a pair of headphones.

It costs almost nothing and is probably the cheapest way to get the experience that you want.

This experience is being plugged into the Vivec System. The headset is the first thing that your look at.

You can see the controller in your left hand. The controller has two of the most important things: a gyroscope and a touchpad.

The touchpad is a clickable pad that you can use to mouse with and click on. It’s absolutely essential for FPS gaming. The simple reason being, that your fingers move too fast for your eyes to see them.

Clicking the touchpad shows you your cursor (where you want to go) and when you click, it marks the position in the game that you want to go to.

Now here comes the power of video games. If you are really good and want to go fast, you need to practise in training mode with the game.

At the heart of the Vivec System is this training mode

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You turn your screen up and you are able to see a series of training objects. These are for you to train in.

These objects help you improve the way that you play by giving you a glimpse of the field of view and throwing you into scenarios that you have to navigate in the game.

You can practice any situation that you want. This is where you practice how to use the touchpad and gyroscope to maneuver your character through the virtual world.

It also includes a compass that shows you where you are and how to get where you want to go.

The training game and the headset get hot. To combat this, I have the headset on the lowest setting and I don’t put the headset on for longer than 5-10 minutes a day.

This is enough to get you the FPS experience that you want without it being in your face.

The Vivec system isn’t the only way to get better at FPS games. The best way is to sit in front of a big screen and start playing one of the big FPS games.

When you first start to play a FPS game, the field of view is wider than that of the Vivec System. This means that you have less chance to use the touchpad effectively.

Once you get used to FPS games, you can adjust the field of view to the extent that you feel comfortable.

As long as you practice at first, you’ll be on your way to being a FPS master.