How To Play PC Games On Mac Without Bootcamp - Here's How

Bootcamp is a program that you have to download before you can install Mac programs or games. The reason for installing bootcamp is because it actually “boots” your mac and helps install the system.

Because of the long term use bootcamp brings, it is recommended that you are installing the OS X with a disk encryption, so you’re protected the entire time, not just when you’re bootcamped.

What to do when you’re bootcamped

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When you’re bootcamped you are presented with a screen that has two choices for you.

Type in your username and password when prompted Install OS X.

Step 1. Download Steam

Steam is a very popular PC games program. It’s one of the best selling PC games programs ever, and is often used to play games on PC because of the free trial feature that lets you play the game for 7 days before you have to pay for it.

Step 2. Download Steam notepad

Open Notepad. This program will allow you to write the files to your disk drive. Open it and type in the following key combinations:

CMD+L – write the files

F2 – select all

Copy /P – paste

Paste the following keys into the “Copy” box:

source -i C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Diablo II\win32\Game\Diablo2.exe

source -i C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Diablo II\win32\Game\Diablo2_installer.exe

source -i C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Diablo II\win32\COPYONET_COPY.exe

source -i C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Diablo II\win32\Game\Diablo2_installer.exe

source -i C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Diablo II\win32\Game\Diablo2_win32.exe

This is called a “sledgehammer” or “knock-out punch” attack that will jump start your PC and install Mac.

Step 3. Install Mac DOS (Base Mac)

Use Mac DOS to install Mac OS X onto your mac.


Insert your CD drive

Windows>Open Disk Utility

Select the icon at the right

In the “My Computer” area, select “My Documents”

Select the disk drive you’re going to install Mac OS X onto

Find “Mac OS X” and click on the button “Install Mac OS X”

Wait for the disk to begin to write into the drive. It will be about 10 minutes to do this.

Step 4. Insert Your CD Drive

Insert your CD drive. Your machine will start booting up and you’ll get a screen telling you what software you have to install.

While your mac is booting up, right click on the desktop and click “Command Prompt”

Type in the following command and then press enter:

sudo -i /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

Step 5. Install Mac DOS with Volume ID 0x3


This is where you’ll find Mac DOS, and will tell you how many pieces of the file system to use.

Type in this command and then press enter:

install /Volumes/Mac OS X.dmg

The “dmg” is the name of the Mac DOS.

If the command gives you the incorrect value, then you’ll have to wait for your Mac to boot again.

If you are not sure what your volume ID is, it can be found on the login screen as well as the installation folder for the PC. It’s usually found in the same place as your computer’s model number.

To get to it:

Type the following into the terminal:

pwd /Volumes/Mac OS X.dmg

Type “replicate volume id.0x3” in your command window to create the volume.

Step 6. Download and Extract Mac DOS

The “.zip” will be on your computer. Inside of the “Mac DOS” folder there is a folder called “default”. This is where you will find Mac DOS.

Extract all the files from the “.zip”

Step 7. Install Mac DOS with Volume ID 0x0f

Before you can install Mac DOS, you’ll need to install Mac OS X. But, you can’t install Mac OS X to a volume that’s already in use.

So you have to add a new volume.

Enter this command:

sudo mount -a

Where “-a” is the mount command to move all of the data files to your new volume.

Now when you run the “makeinstall” you will see this screen:

Press enter and you will be asked to enter your installation disk. You can see on your Mac that the disk image is “Duplicate install image”.

This is where you’ll add your “Duplicate install image”.

Type in “import install image” and press enter.

You will get the message “Downloading: Mac OS X installer”

Once the image has downloaded, type “sudo make install” and press enter.

Step 8. Enable User Accounts and Setup Accounts

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When the installer loads, it will ask for your user’s account and password.

You can save the settings you had, and then log in with your user account.

For example:

login as admin

After you enter the password, the “installer” will come back and ask you to confirm that you want to install Mac DOS.

Press enter.

Step 9. Install Mac DOS with Volume ID 0x3

The installer will take a little while to start the Mac DOS. You will need to stay connected with your computer.

Once it’s started, press enter to install it.

You will now have Mac DOS.

The first thing you’ll want to do is import the CD.

Select this option, and then click on “Import CD”.

It will automatically import all of your old data files as well as your installation disks.

Step 10. Download, Install and Test Mac DOS

To test the installation of Mac DOS, launch one of your programs, then click on the “Command Prompt” icon.

Type in this command:

cd /Volumes/Mac OS X.dmg

Press enter.

The Mac DOS should be found at /Volumes/Mac OS X.dmg .

Type in:


The output will be one of the directories inside of Mac DOS .

Once you confirm that Mac DOS is installed, go to “Launchpad” and type in this:

sudo dpkg -i ~/Mac_DOS.dmg

This will remove the Mac DOS.

Then press enter to execute it.