How To Stream Xbox Games To Computer

This article will talk you through how to stream your Microsoft gaming console via an online service or device, and then what settings you can use to improve streaming quality. Then, we’ll look at some apps that have great customer reviews for using Xbox Live as a platform to play games.

Streaming is becoming more popular due to the increasing number of people who don’t own a high-end gaming computer. With all consoles having their built-in software that allows gamers to connect remotely, there isn’t much need to stream any longer.

However, if you are looking to get into streamed gaming or just want better graphics, it’s still possible! Here, I will go over some ways to do this with us giving you tips and tricks along the way.


The content in this article should be used with caution. We cannot ensure that everything mentioned here is legitimate nor does this article constitute legal advice. These steps may not work for you or your situation. Even though we try our best to provide accurate information, we make no guarantees about the effectiveness of these techniques. Try testing out one of these services first before investing in paid accounts to see whether they work for you.

Connect your Xbox to your computer using a USB cable

how to stream xbox games to computer

Now that you have installed the necessary software, it’s time to connect your Xbox to your computer! You will need to use a micro-USB cord to do this. These are usually found in any good electronics store or online site.

Make sure to buy one of these for the Xbox One, not an older model. Older ones may no longer work!

Once you have downloaded all appropriate apps and set up wireless networking if needed, just plug in the device and launch the Microsoft Windows Store app.

You should now see your console show up as a new source under “Games and Apps”. Simply pick which game you want to add and click install.

Make sure your internet is working properly

how to stream xbox games to computer

It’s possible to stream an Xbox game directly from Microsoft, using their software. This can be done via a Windows or Mac computer, and if you have a good connection, it can save lots of money!

Your computer must have fast Wi-Fi or wired connections so that it can communicate with the Xbox app. If it doesn’t, you can still use another streaming service instead!

You will also need to make sure that your router can handle the traffic for games and apps, as excessive bandwidth could slow down gameplay.

Purchase the game you want to stream

how to stream xbox games to computer

Now that you have your console, computer, and internet connection all set up, it is time to purchase the games! Luckily, most major gaming sites offer discounts or coupons for most of their top games, so to use this article’s advice, you only need to spend money once!

Most people begin streaming by choosing an online service such as Gamefly or Google Play Movies & TV where they can access and stream various apps and movies via their website or app. The same goes for Microsoft with its Xbox Live account!

By using these services, you will be able to add the game you purchased to your library which then allows you to connect to the internet and start playing without needing dedicated software or equipment.

Many of these sites also offer free trials, making it possible to see how well their service works before investing in paid accounts.

Start the streaming process

how to stream xbox games to computer

The next step in how to stream Xbox games online is starting the process, which can be tricky if you’re not used to using the software as your computer. Most gamers now use Microsoft Windows or macOS as their operating system, making it very easy to access these programs.

If you are already using an Xbox app for windows or mac, great! You are almost set, but there is one more thing you need to do. You must connect to the internet through a web browser, otherwise, your console will not recognize that you have signed up to play multiplayer matches or launch any apps.

Now, some people prefer to use Google Chrome as their main browsing platform, so this article will focus on that. But before we get into the steps, you should know two things about chrome gaming browsers.

First, they are typically paid applications that have additional features. Some allow you to create custom profiles, manage game lists, and upload screenshots and videos of yourself playing games. This is mostly helpful for showing off what you did during the game or sharing your gameplay with other users.

Second, many of them require you to pay either per month or yearly to unlock all of their features.

Read up on these streaming terms

how to stream xbox games to computer

There are several types of ways to stream games from your console onto your computer. Some work better than others depending on what you want to do.

The most popular way is using an online service that allows you to access all of the games in the Xbox Live library, with no software needed! These services usually cost around $10 per month or less depending on how much content you use.

Some paid apps can be installed directly onto your computer or via a browser plugin. They tend to have more features, but may be expensive if used for a long time.

We will go over each type of streaming in detail here so that you know everything about them. This includes which ones are best for Windows, Linux, and Mac computers.

Reminder: You do not need to have an account on Microsoft’s gaming service to use any of these tips. Most don’t require you to create an account either.

Tips for streaming

how to stream xbox games to computer

Now that you have all of your equipment in place, it is time to stream some games! Thankfully, Microsoft makes it very easy to do so with their software.

You can choose either to Play and Streaming via or use an app designed specifically to make this process easier. With these tools, you will be able to pick which game to play and where to get internet access with ease.

There are two main types of people who stream video games: those who prefer using a controller and computer mouse/keyboard as their interface, and those who enjoy having full-controls of the game without needing any peripherals.

For both groups, there are several settings and features available through the program. Some users may not need them, but they are nice to have if you are looking to become more involved in gaming online.

History of Xbox Game Streaming

how to stream xbox games to computer

Microsoft made it possible for gamers to stream games from their console directly onto their computer back in November 2017 with an app that is free to use.

This feature allows you to connect your Windows 10 device to the same Wi-Fi network as your console, make sure that the software is up to date, and then install the Xbox game streaming app.

You can now access all of the content on your console through the apps, including Live TV which lets you watch some of the included live channels or add your channel to enjoy.