Old Computer Game With Zombies

When the zombie epidemic first began, there were only a few survivors left in the world. As time went on, however’t really seem to make much of an impact on the death toll.

Many theories have been put forward as to why this is, but none are particularly convincing. Some say it’s because zombies don’t truly survive well outside of food and water, so people just keep stockpiling these resources.

Another theory says that when you kill one zombie, another two will quickly take its place, making the total number stay about the same.

A third hypothesis claims that the undead can easily be provoked into self-destruct mode, using something like screaming or gun fire as a trigger. This then sets off a chain reaction which leads to more attacks and deaths.

Whatever the reason for this, most experts agree that keeping your supplies up is the best way to ensure your survival. It works until someone else doesn’t stick to this rule and a zombie attack happens.

There are several reasons why having enough supplies is important. To begin with, even if you aren’t planning on staying very long, it’s still a good idea to be prepared.

You never know when a rescue might arrive, or how long they would last before eating anyone’s brains. Having enough supplies could give them a chance to do some saving instead of killing.

Dead Rising

old computer game with zombies

In early development stages of Capcom, there was an idea for what would become one of their most well-known franchises – zombies! Back then they were referred to as ‘ghouls’ which is why many people refer to the series as ghoul stories.

The concept came from producer Ryutaro Iwanaga who had an experience where he and some colleagues went camping in Brazil. While sitting around a fire at night, something happened that gave him the inspiration to develop his new franchise.

They noticed how dark it got when the sun set and all the trees stopped glowing. It took quite awhile until everything was completely blacked out. That made them realize how long it must have been since humans left the planet due to all the death and lack of vegetation.

Ivan mentioned this while brainstorming ideas and concepts for the future game. He thought about it for awhile before coming up with the zombie apocalypse story we know today.

He pitched it to his bosses and they agreed it needed to be a video game! They developed the storyline more fleshed out and added other characters such as Frank West, Nick Ramos, and Chuck Greene.

Since then, the undead have taken over our lives. Almost every movie and book you read makes reference to them at some point. So why not give yourself a chance to play as survivors or heroes trying to survive after civilization has collapsed?

Dead rising comes down to two things: hunger and thirst.

Left 4 Dead

old computer game with zombies

In late 2009, Valve launched their zombie shooter game called Left 4 Dead (L4D for short). The game is very popular today as it has three main installments with additional content available via downloadable maps and modes.

The games feature four playable characters that must work together to survive wave after wave of zombies. Each character has special skills such as heavy weapons or stealth, making some more effective in certain situations than others.

Left 4 Dead was originally released for Microsoft Windows and now can be downloaded for both iOS and Android devices. Since its release, the game has received several awards and many accolades. It is even considered one of the top video games of all time!

These are not words we use lightly when talking about an interactive media piece like a computer game, so kudos to Valve for this honor. If you have never played L4D before, give it a try- you won’t be disappointed.

Resident Evil

old computer game with zombies

Many consider this franchise to be at its best when it focuses solely on zombies. The survival horror genre is known for giving players ways to defend themselves, but mostly by using guns. As such, most of these games feature large open levels with lots of ammunition.

This isn’t the case in the RE series though. Rather than offering limitless supplies, they are typically limited to either one or two types of weapons that you can find.

These weapons don’t always work well however, making them more like a flavor of the month rather than an integral part of the game. This leaves many people feeling less powerful as they run out quickly.

Another thing about zombie shooters is that they often focus too much on action instead of gameplay. These games may offer sequences where you use stealth tactics, but overall they are almost exclusively shooter experiences.

Zombies have been done before, but never quite like what we get in the Resident Evil series. They slow down their movement and behavior in order to make them seem even more deadly. This adds another layer to the experience as you try to figure out how to take care of them without shooting them directly.

Dead Space

In early stages of development, Visceral Games wanted to create what they called “an action game with horror themes”. They already had an idea for a setting and theme, but nothing more than that at this stage.

Then one day producer Sean O'Brien was reading about zombies in general and how their survival of the undead is influenced by your perception of them.

He thought that would make for some interesting gameplay scenarios, so he shared his theory with design director Kurt Margolis and concept artist Seth McLaughlin. The rest, as they say, is history!

Since then, the team has built a rich narrative around this core element of the game. There are many ways to approach every zombie in the series, depending on if you're trying to kill it or preserve its life.

These different types of zombies have inspired not only the way the players fight them, but also what happens after the battle. While most games feature quick death events for defeated enemies, Dead Space allows survivors to find resources and weapons left behind.

This gives the story context and rewards those who pay attention to detail.

Plants vs. Zombies

old computer game with zombies

In Plants Versus Zombies, you take control of your own zombie survival team in an ever-changing environment. As with most games of this type, there are different types of plants that can be gathered, upgraded, and used to defend yourself or destroy others.

Plants like sunflowers and cherry bombs help protect your lawn from invandent zombies! What makes this game unique is its use of tower defense elements. These include structures such as blockhouses and missile launchers which you must place around your garden to prevent other plant attacks or to shoot down attacking zombies.

As your lcafy grow more powerful, new levels offer greater opportunities for upgrades. These may range from improving the strength of your roots to adding laser beams or explosive arrows. The way these functions work is very intuitive so it’s easy to figure out how to use them.

World Of Warcraft

old computer game with zombies

Many people enjoy zombies as a genre of fiction, so why not make them into a game? Zombie games have been around for quite some time now! There are several different styles of zombie games, but they all share one thing; zombies walking towards you to eat your body part.

World Of Warcraft is an extremely popular MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) that has spawned many sequels and imitations.

The most well known version of WoW had its release in early 2007 and since then it’s gone on to become the biggest seller ever with over twelve million players.

Diablo III

old computer game with zombies

Many consider the action RPG genre to be built upon two main games, with almost every game since being either a direct sequel or a strong influence of one or both of them. These are typically categorized as “survival” genres, which emphasize stealth and exploration over combat, and have become very popular in recent years.

One such survival title is Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo series. The first entry was released back in 1997 for PC and Mac under the name Diabolus Domestica, and it has now sold an incredible 25 million copies across all platforms!

Diablo II featured three playable classes (mage, warrior, and rogue), sixteen unique characters total, more than 100 levels per class, and so forth. It also introduced the idea of loot drops, where you would gather items by killing enemies, or searching environments and bodies for lost treasures.

What makes the Diablo franchise special though? Simply put, there are always new worlds to explore, new monsters to defeat, and new gear to find. Players can spend hours going through each area looking for their next big prize!

Importantly, however, none of this would matter if people didn’t talk about the game. As we know from social psychology, when someone tells us about something they like, whether it’s a movie, book, song, or video game, we feel motivated to check out what they were doing to enjoy it.