Using 2 Keyboards On One Computer For Games

Choosing the right keyboard for you is like choosing which flavor of ice cream you love! There are so many types, shapes, brands, models, and features- it can be hard to know what is best for you. The same goes for computer keyboards.

There are several different styles of gaming keyboards that try to cater to various gamers’ needs. Some have large, oversized keys, while others have very thin ones. Some feature multimedia buttons or backlight modes, while others do not.

With such a variety of options, it can become tricky to determine which one is the best for you. Luckily, however, we have some tips here for you! Read on to learn more about them.

Connect the second keyboard to your computer

how to use 2 keyboards on one computer for games

Now that you have one of these great gaming keyboards, it is time to connect it to your laptop or desktop computer! You will need to find an empty port on your computer to do this.

Most laptops now use a USB-type connection. This means there should be at least two separate ports on your computer where you can plug in the extra keyboard.

You may also have to switch which device is considered the main (or only) one before you can use the additional keyboard with your games.

Find the right place for it

how to use 2 keyboards on one computer for games

Having more than one keyboard available can be very helpful in gaming! You can use your computer’s main keyboard as your normal typing keyboard, but you can also have an additional USB or Bluetooth device that acts as a second, separate keyboard.

The best way to use this secondary keyboard depends on what type of game you are playing and how much input you need while doing so.

For example, if you are just reading web pages or watching videos, then having an extra keyboard with you is not too necessary. However, if you are playing a video game and want to quickly hit some quick buttons or do some talking, then having an additional keyboard at hand will help you get things done faster.

There are several different places where you can put your second keyboard aside from the regular desktop area. Some people keep theirs in their laptop bag, under the table next to them, or in the closet.

Practice using it

There are several ways to use two keyboards on one computer. Some people choose an ergonomic keyboard, which has extended touch keys that allow you to type faster by moving your fingers more quickly across the board.

Another option is called split-keyboard design, where there are two separate normal-sized boards attached to each other. You can independently move each half of the keyboard around or combine them into one large board.

Yet another way to use two keyboards at once is through software such as Logitech’s ProXimity Keyboard.

Play video games that use both keyboards

how to use 2 keyboards on one computer for games

There are many types of games that do not require using just your keyboard as input. Some examples include playing action-packed shooter videos or exploring psychedelic landscapes in adventure games.

A lot of newer games, however, still expect you to rely on the keyboard for inputs. This can be frustrating if you’re already familiar with how to play their previous versions, since they may have new commands or features that make it difficult to navigate through menus or switch between avatars.

There is an easy solution to this! You can easily turn your laptop into a second gaming keyboard by buying a USB keyboard extension cable. These cables connect one computer’s internal USB port to another external device, which makes typing easier due to the additional buttons.

Since these extensions work via connection, users don’t need to worry about whether their other equipment has enough power to run the extra software.

Connect the second keyboard with your friend

how to use 2 keyboards on one computer for games

Even if you only have one computer, you can still use two keyboards at once! This is called using a secondary keyboard or switchboard. Most people do this through software that allows them to connect additional devices such as a mouse or headset.

But how about trying it out with a game controller? Many games these days will let you connect an Xbox 360 controller via USB and then you can play together! Some examples of this are Call Of Duty: Ghosts and Rocket League.

Play video games together

how to use 2 keyboards on one computer for games

Between people of all ages, there are usually one or two people who feel compelled to play the same game as each other. Do you know those friends that always seem to be sitting next to each other at a movie or party? That is probably because they enjoy watching each other's gameplay!

Luckily, technology has made it possible to have multiple keyboards so that people can keep practicing their craft while they get some needed time off.

There are many reasons why having more than one keyboard would make sense. For example, someone may prefer using the QWERTY layout for typing, but otherwise have no preference when it comes to key layouts. Having an additional keyboard allows them to choose how they want to type without being limited to only one option.

Another reason might be so that both members of the gaming team can practice independently without interrupting another player. This is especially helpful if one member is mostly skilled at a certain part of the game and the other is not.

Switch keyboards to play games

how to use 2 keyboards on one computer for games

With the ever-increasing popularity of gaming, there are now more ways than ever to the game! Gone are the days when people would just use their mouse or controller to interact with games. Nowadays, you can be in a game and want to do something like search your character’s stats or look up an item, and you will have to manually switch out your control method.

This is very tedious as you will need to find a way to access these features and then transition into the appropriate software. A solution that many gamers adopt is using two separate keyboard/laptop models. You can keep one model for normal usage and another model solely for gaming.

Here we will discuss how to use two different keyboards on your computer for gaming. This article will focus mostly on the technical side but also include some cost-effective alternatives if you are struggling to source a second laptop.

Connect the second keyboard with your partner

how to use 2 keyboards on one computer for games

While this may seem like it would not work, there is an easy way to use two keyboards at once! You can connect one to another via a cable or link up using Wi-Fi. This allows you to easily switch between both keyboards quickly so that you do not need to find a place to put away your first keyboard.

By having separate input devices, you get more flexibility in how you play games. The ability to have multiple tools helps ease frustration when playing difficult games or games that require precision typing.

This article will talk about some different types of gaming keyboards and how to use each one depending on the type of game you are trying to master.