Why Mobile Games Can Cause Addiction - The Negatives

ll discuss why mobile games can cause addiction. It’s important to know the difference between the two in order to stop using them.

It’s not normal to carry a game on your phone every hour and have to check it every 5 minutes. But how you carry it or how often you check it is not a problem.

What you do with your time playing it is what’s making it so bad.

Why do you play mobile games?

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We all do it to waste our time. There are a lot of people who play games to win money.

They think it’s a good way to have extra money, but it’s only a waste of money. Many people play games for the same reason.

They play games to pass the time. You should realize the amount of time you are actually playing the game is nowhere near what you think you are.

Many people play games while they are doing other things. Playing a game is usually a very short amount of time.

You should think about how much time you are wasting if you play for a long period of time. This is the biggest reason why mobile games are so addictive.

Your brain likes short, fun, games. When you get addicted to something, it begins to crave it.

Once your brain craves something, it is never satisfied until it gets it. Your brain is all about survival.

If you don’t do anything except play games for hours and hours, you will not be able to survive the starvation mode. So, to give your brain something to do while it’s starving, you play games.

Some games allow you to play them over and over. It becomes too hard to stop. This is why you should try and limit the time you play a game.

Don’t play for 10 hours or less at a time. Try to play a game for 30 minutes. Playing for 5 minutes is better than playing for 30 minutes.

We all know that "Time is money."

What addiction Is

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Addiction is any behavior that you do repeatedly. It’s repeated use of a substance or behavior in order to get the result that you want.

For example, if you drink alcohol to get drunk, this is addiction. If you get addicted to a substance, it’s addiction. A lot of us have probably tried cigarettes and drugs and learned that they are addictive.

The result is that you keep doing it until you get addicted.

Now, what’s wrong with getting addicted to mobile games? Some of us are addicted to them.

Why is it that mobile games can be addictive? Here are some reasons:

Your brain doesn’t learn anything

Playing a game is actually doing very little. You are just activating the pleasure centers of your brain.

The more you play the game, the more addicted you will become.

There is no learning or developing. This doesn’t mean you can’t learn anything.

For example, learning how to play a new game is a very good learning experience.

It will keep you from getting addicted to the same game over and over again. However, to do this, you have to actually get out and do something with your life.

You don’t realize how much time you are spending

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You can actually play mobile games for hours and hours and not realize it. Your phone is always with you, so you never feel like you’re really away from your phone.

You don’t get any type of real break.

However, when you do realize how much time you are spending playing mobile games, it’s not the same as how it used to be. The same goes for playing with your friends.

You won’t feel like you’re bonding or accomplishing anything. You will just get more and more addicted. You will continue to play games for hours and hours.

What you can do to be less addicted

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Now that you know why you are addicted to mobile games, it’s time to take action. What do you do about it?

Stop playing games

First, stop playing games. They will not make you happy. They will only make you miserable.

It’s not worth it. If you are addicted, that is bad enough, but playing games for a longer period of time is worse.

You will have to try to make your brain focus on something else. You can do that by doing other things. Playing a game is usually a very short amount of time.

You should think about how much time you are wasting if you play a game for 1 hour. You could spend 1 hour reading, or going for a walk, or doing a quick home workout.

You can’t take a whole day to play games, so make the most of it by doing other things.

Block your playable games

You can also block yourself from playing games. There are many ways to do this.

I will only tell you about a couple of them. If you have a Google Account, make sure you go to Google’s privacy page and deactivate any ability to log into the games you want to be able to play.

You can also take a look at AdBlock and block the ads on the games you want to play.

These are both very good ways to keep yourself from playing a game that you want to play.

You don’t have to block your whole phone. Block the games you play the most so that you can get back to being yourself again.